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Ordering Fonts

All fonts are available for purchase by secure shopping online.

With online ordering you can receive your fonts within a few hours after I receive receipt of your payment!

All fonts ordered online will also be delivered online via email to your email address.

Ways to order fonts online:

  • Order through PayPal. All new PayPals customers get $5 for signing up, plus you can earn $5 for everyone you tell about it! If you are already signed up with PayPal, just click on any order button to purchase your font! Just click either buymac.gif or buywin.gif you see and order your fonts with one click!
  • OR...Go to our store at MyFonts. Many of our most popular fonts are available there, and you can download your purchases immediately. We do try to email your Kagi or PayPal font purchases as soon as we receive notification of your payment, but sometimes we are asleep or out of town for the day. :)

The license for fonts is good for one individual at one workstation. If you plan on using fonts at a business where they will be accessed at many workstations, please contact us for a multi-license discount.

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